THREE Simple and Easy DIY Family Halloween Costumes!

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The holiday season is quickly approaching – which means Halloween is right around the corner. It’s never to early to get a head start on nailing down your costume! Here are three different Halloween costumes that we’ve made/wore that were so fun and affordable.

#1: Pun Themed: Copycat & Deviled Egg

Copycat & Deviled Egg

This was a simple couple costume that was really budget friendly and was the year before we had Leo! I bought two extra large white tee shirts and used my cricut to cut out the letters for copy. I bought some cat costume accessories and used the ears and the tail. I made my paws by cutting off the finger tips of an old pair of black gloves that I already had, and hot gluing some pink felt on them. Lastly, for my makeup I jut used some eyeliner to draw on a cat nose and a few whiskers to complete the look.

For the Deviled Egg, I used yellow vinyl to cut out a yellow circle for the “yoke” and stuck it to the white shirt. I bought the devil accessories and the look was complete!

While this one could technically be called a “family” costume, it probably falls more into the “couples” category. If you are looking to have a pun themed Halloween some ideas for your littles could be a dust bunny (dress them up like a bunny and have them hold a duster!) or a spelling bee (a bumble bee with felt letters glued on!) What other puns do you think you could add to this them? Add them in the comments below to help out any families aiming for this theme!

Copycat & Deviled Egg DIY Costume Supplies:

  1. White shirts
  2. CopyCat Costume Accessories
  3. Black Vinyl
  4. Yellow Vinyl
  5. Pink felt
  6. Devil Costume Accessories

#2: Snoopy Themed: Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Woodchuck

Our First Family Costume; Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Woodchuck

For Leo’s Charlie Brown costume, I wanted to make sure that he would be warm so I ordered him a yellow jacket instead of the classic T-shirt. I cut out the design from felt and hot glued it directly onto his jacket. I paired it with some black sweats and he was ready to go!

Woodchuck was the most challenging, because I wanted the feathers to look like they were really standing up. I ordered the sweatshirt and the hat offline, and then bought some yellow foam sheets. I cut the design and hot glued it onto the hat making sure that it would stand up. Lastly, I drew the eyes on with a sharpie!

Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Woodchuck Family DIY Costume Supplies:

  1. Yellow Infant Sweatshirt
  2. Black Felt
  3. Yellow Sweatshirt
  4. White Sweatshirt
  5. Yellow Hat
  6. White Hat
  7. Yellow Foam Sheet
  8. Black Sharpie

#3: Sports Themed: Football, Football Player, and Football Coach

Football, football player and football coach

3. We had only planned to trick-or-treat one night, but our little Leo loved it so much we decided to participate in our neighborhood trick-or-treat as well. We didn’t want to wear the same costumes back to back so I scoured our closest to see what I could pull together. Leo had football onesie that I put over a pair of pants after this picture. That way we could see the whole onesie.

I had a football Jersey from college that I threw on, with some leggings and high socks!

Alex wore khakis, a UK polo, a hat, and his x-box headset to pull off a college football coach!

While this costume was last second and rushed together, it was actually really fun. Living in Lexington it was a big hit – especially during an exciting football season!

Football Family Themed Last Second Costume:

  1. Football onesie
  2. Favorite Team Jersey
  3. Favorite Team Polo
  4. Favorite Team Hat
  5. Favorite Team Socks
  6. Black Leggings
  7. Xbox Headset

Looking ahead to this year I have some interesting and creative ideas for our family costume, but haven’t nailed anything down yet. What are you and your family planning to be this year? Comment below what ideas you have! Also, let me know if you prefer homemade or store bought costumes in the comments below!

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