Splurge or Save? Wonderfold Wagon : W2

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

If your a mom of young children then you’ve probably seen all the new stroller wagons coming out. Keenz, Wonderfold, and Baby trend are just a few of them I can name off the top of my head without much thought. Earlier this year I splurged on the Wonderfold W2 Luxe and here are my thoughts!

• I cannot deny it is EXPENSIVE. The price tag is a lot, but you can often catch sales on sites like Albee Baby and Amazon. They also have a 4 seater option that would be great for anyone with multiple children.

• There are three different models in the W Series. The Luxe, Elite and Original. There are different features for each, but the vegan leather handle, magnetic buckles, and all terrain wheels are the biggest difference.

• It’s is HEAVY. Lifting it in and out of the car is a challenge for me. It does fold pretty small and it’s mostly easy to fit in the back of my Subaru Ascent once folded – but it’s a hoss.

• It’s PERFECT for walking to the pool or at a farmers market. There is so much room for any and everything.

• I have even used it as a grocery cart at both Aldi and Walmart Neighborhood Market. It works just the same!

• I wouldn’t use this for an everyday walk – but I only have one child. I mostly use it when I need to put a bunch of stuff in and Leo.

• The snack tray, parent console and cargo nets are all sold separately, but I use them all. If you are going to splurge on the wagon you will probably want to go ahead and get them!

• The pull handle was a game changer for me. It’s a lot EASIER to pull it up hills when it’s loaded down with our pool gear. This is also sold separately.

• I still want to get a floor mat and try it out!

Overall, for me, I’m so glad that I splurged and bought one while Amazon was running a good sale. I keep it open in my garage and have pulled it back and forth to the community pool all summer. It was great to have at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and really anytime that you are going to be somewhere for a while and have lots of things to carry.

If you want to get the accessories you better keep an eye out on their drop dates because the go FAST and they really don’t drop often. I would also suggest that you join a couple Facebook groups dedicated to Wonderfold because they have so many great hacks to try.

Here are the links to everything that I’ve bought for ours! Let me know in the comments below if you ever see yourself wanting one of these or if you have a different brand that you have and love!

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