20 Things To Do This Fall: Toddler Edition

Fall is in the air and with the change of season comes a new list of things to do with Leo. Here are 20 things that we will be marking off our list in the coming months.

Fall To Do List:

1. Pumpkin patch

2. Go to a craft fair

3. Fall festival

4. Pumpkin Mania

5. Tailgate a football game

6. Bonfire s’mores

7. Paint a pumpkin

8. Watch a Halloween movie

9. Trick-or-treat

10. Make a costume

11. Make a pumpkin treat

12. Pick apples

13. Make an apple pie

14. Go on a fall hike (stroller accessible)

15. Go on a nature scavenger hunt

16. Drink apple cider

17. Go on a hayride

18. Complete a fall craft

19. Make a fall sensory bin

20. Read a fall themed book

What’s on your list this year? Comment below and let me know what we need to add to ours. Follow along to see us check each item off with reviews and pictures!

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