5 Chick Flick Books I’ve Read and Loved

My former co-worker and friend Ashlee put together the best book club. We get together ideally once a month (but can sometimes go longer based on the busyness of life) and grab brunch. While there we talk about life, the book, and plan out what we will read next. Through this book club I have been able to rediscover my love for reading for fun, and I’m grateful for it. Here are the top 5 books to read if you are looking for something light and fun! While they are listed in numerical order — this is NOT the order that I would rank them — that would be too hard! While my description of each book doesn’t include explicit spoilers – just check out the titles if you are someone who wants to walk in completely unaware!

  1. People You Meet On Vacation – Emily Henry

This is a great read from one of my new favorite authors Emily Henry. She is local to Cincinnati, which is just an hour away from Lexington. Her books are pretty predictable, but sometimes that’s exactly what I’m looking for during a fun read! This book takes you on a friends turned lovers adventure and shows how opposites sometimes truly attract.

2. Book Lovers – Emily Henry

Another Emily Henry book makes the top five for me. This is the last read and the next book club discussion. Imagine a Hallmark movie that goes almost completely the way that you would expect it to, but the characters are jumbled up and you are seeing it from the person who ALWAYS GETS LEFT FOR THE SMALL TOWN HERO. I read this book in about two days, and actually cried during some parts. Another love story – but this time it’s an enemies turned lovers!

3. The Unhoneymooners – Christina Lauren

Another quick read of enemies turned lovers. While I truly enjoyed the storyline at the characters, I wouldn’t say it was the same caliber of writing as the Emily Henry books. There were certainly some times that it got a little cheesy, but that’s pretty much the book that I’m looking to read during this time of my life!

4. Accidently Engaged – Farah Heron

This is a SUPER cute story about two unlikely lovers who (the title says it) goes through and engagement. One thing I particularly liked about this read was the characters were diverse and presented a new perspective to love and marriage. This is a side note, but it also inspired me to start a sourdough bread obsession! Great from someone who is like me and loves food equally as much as I do a cheesy love story!

5. Finlay Donavan is Killing it – Elle Cosimano

This is the first book in a three part (at least) series. I may go into the details for the second one on my next list, and the third one is yet to be released (January 2023), but this is a really fun series. While there are some elements of love sprinkled in, this is more of a comedy. Finlay works with her nanny turned friend Vera to get out of some comically dangerous situations. I don’t want to spoil it to much — but it a fun and quick read! Highly recommend!

These are the books that I’ve read and loved. I think I’ll make this a common thread here since I am continuously reading new books. What books are you reading right now and would recommend? Comment below and let me know what sh

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